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Our purpose is to help you manage and prevent employee ill health at work in a way that results in two key outcomes: happier and better performing people and a more profitable business. As the title to our new book states, “employee health creates business wealth”.

Central to our approach is innovation and the application of digital technology in employee health risk management at all levels. Our mantra is that “we’re all in this together” from apprentices to the members of the board. Everyone has a role to play in meeting the goals of the business, and the maintenance of good mental and physical health throughout your teams is essential to ensure goals are met. This is clearly a challenge as we have seen sickness absence, including ‘presenteeism’ and ‘leavism’, continuing to rise, costing the UK’s world of work over £80 billion* annually up to the start of Covid-19. The growing cost of mental ill health at work alone represents about half of this total.

We are here to bring our experience, innovative ideas and solutions to those who recognise the need for the effective management of ill health at work and its potential cost to their business.

*Source: RAND Corporation Study – 2019

Dr. Doreen Miller


Miller Health is led by Dr Doreen Miller, former Chief Medical Officer of Marks and Spencer plc, whose innovative thinking and experience has recognised the need to search for and find the root cause of costly ill-health at work.


Occupational health, mental health, and working with HR professionals to address the root cause of employee sickness absence and poor performance through improving business health.


My challenge has been to apply digital communication to my work In Occupational Health. This has enabled me to publish a book for HR / people professionals and work with them using a system to find any unhealthy parts of their business and transform them to being healthy again.

During my career at Marks and Spencer, I was involved in getting sick employees back to work. I spent seven years working in a multi-disciplinary team helping suppliers in textile and food factories around the UK and in Europe, Israel and the US to see the value that occupational health could bring to the health and productivity of their businesses.

My work continued to be innovative. I worked with an ergonomist to design a machinist chair for textile workers. This was later adapted for food till staff in M&S stores and can still be seen in stores today. I also partnered with an organisational psychologist to resolve problems arising with food till staff.

Dr Doreen Miller with her Book


  • Co-editor of Work and Mental Health – an employer’s guide – 2002. This was jointly published by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine and the Royal College of Psychiatrists.
  • Author of The Healthy Business Bridge – How employee health creates business wealth – May 2022.

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