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Health related absence costs British businesses £80 billion per year. We help identify and prioritise the big health issues…

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We believe in a holistic approach. We collaborate and engage with your business in order to find solutions that work…

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We believe that employee health creates business wealth.

With the annual cost of health related absence and presenteeism reported to be sitting at £81 billion a year for British businesses*, employers have a responsibility to search within their business for the root cause of poor health and well-being at work, and do more to tackle this growing issue.

At Miller Health, we work with employers in all fields of work to identify the root cause of ill health at work. Bringing our innovative R-O-P-E System® that underpins our thinking, we help provide the best solution for your business which in turn enhances health, wellbeing and ultimately business productivity.

*RAND Corporation and Britain’s Healthiest Workplace 2019 (Pre Covid-19)

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