The Healthy Business Bridge

How CEOs and HR can improve business health, productivity and profits without high labour turnover and expensive recruitment costs!

  • Does your business struggle with finding the cause of employees’ ill health in this changing world?

  • Does your business suffer from recurring long term employee sickness?

  • Does the added workload on colleagues impact your business operations when people are sick?

  • Do you know the financial impact employee sickness is having on your company?

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Mental ill health and poor performance at work cost; but you don’t have to accept it, we have the solution

As the cost of mental ill health in business continues to rise, our solution for business leaders, board directors and, particularly, HR & people professionals is The Healthy Business Bridge – How employee health creates business wealth. It’s now available!

Supported by case studies, Dr Doreen Miller’s book centres on our innovative health risk management system, the R-O-P-E System®, enabling you to find the root cause of employee sickness absence, particularly concerning mental ill health and presenteeism.

The book is available in hardback, paperback and as an eBook through Amazon and Ingram Spark.

Do you have control over the cost of employee ill health and poor performance in your business?

Managing your people costs in business today is becoming an even more critical issue with the recent increases in interest rates and general inflation impacting employer and employee alike.

But there’s more. The respected consultancy Deloitte published their report in March 2022 of a new study in the UK of “Costs to employers of poor mental health”. The headline numbers and their implications require careful thought:

  • In the year 2020-21 following the arrival of the Covid pandemic, the cost of poor mental health to UK employers increased by 25% to £56 billion compared to £45 billion in 2019;

  • This increase reflects the combined costs of absenteeism, presenteeism and labour turnover;

  • 28% of employees either left in 2021 or plan to leave their jobs in 2022, 61% citing poor mental health as the reason.


Planning your Healthy Business

In my occupational health consulting work with businesses in the private and public sectors over the years, the consistent question that’s arisen is what’s the root cause of that particular employee’s ill health? Increasingly, that question has been raised amongst those with mental health problems, notably anxiety and depression. Failure to identify the root cause inevitably leads to continuation of the condition and poor performance.

Actually, the journey to find the root cause of employee ill health is not as elusive as you may think. Let me give you a real life but anonymised example from my casebook.

You need to start with a vision from where you are now to where you want to be in creating your healthy business. Taken step by step, it will be an exciting journey that will be transformational in its outcome; but it will need some ‘guiding lights’ along the way. In THE HEALTHY BUSINESS BRIDGE – How employee health creates business wealth, I provide a framework to follow. At the book’s heart is my exclusive system, the R-O-P-E System®, which contains the route map to finding the root cause of employee sickness absence and poor performance within the business.

The letters R-O-P-E represent four key words for the four principal health risk factors in any business:

Our unique R-O-P-E System® connects the health symptoms of your employees with the root cause of their ill health, which can often be found within the business.



Identify and understand your employees’ health risks associated with their job roles



Engage your employees hearts and minds to your business purpose and vision



Help your employees maintain and enhance positive mental and physical health



Identify and minimise risks to health and wellbeing in the workplace

We work with you to move your business from where it is today, to where you want it to be in the future. By building your own Healthy Business Bridge, you can find the root cause of employee ill-health symptoms which are often found within the business.

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