The Healthy Business Bridge

Introducing an innovative health risk management system for HR/People Professionals in a constant world of change

  • Does your business struggle with finding the cause of employees’ ill health in this changing world?

  • Does your business suffer from recurring long term employee sickness?

  • Does the added workload on colleagues impact your business operations when people are sick?

  • Do you know the financial impact employee sickness is having on your company?

  • Leavism and presenteeism are costing your business money!

Mental ill health and poor performance at work cost; but you don’t have to accept it, we have the solution

As the cost of mental ill health in business continues to rise, our solution for business owners, board directors and, particularly, HR & people professionals is The Healthy Business Bridge – How employee health creates business wealth. It’s now available!

Supported by case studies, the book centres on our innovative health risk management system, the R-O-P-E System®, enabling you to find the root cause of employee sickness absence, particularly concerning mental ill health and presenteeism.

The book is available in hardback, paperback and as an ebook through Amazon and Ingram Spark.

Foreword By Lord Rose

Doreen Miller’s book addresses a key question that all of us in business raise but find difficulty answering whatever field we’re in: what’s the root cause? It’s rather like seeking the holy grail; ever elusive, ever enticing. It’s certainly familiar from my own wide experience of the retail industry. But Doreen’s search for a way for employers to find the root cause of the ill health symptoms of people at work is increasingly important as sickness absence due to mental ill health and also health related poor performance continue to rise. Her solution is intriguing and lies in a series of stepping stones that form her new R-O-P-E System® which, as she describes with supporting stories, has enabled her to reach the root cause in many difficult and challenging cases with substantial savings to the businesses.

The concept of crossing The Healthy Business Bridge lies at the heart of her message, reflecting the need before you start to know where you are with employee ill health and related poor performance at work, and also how healthy your business is. The business bridge has four brick pillars which represent the key risk factors that can impact on employee health and wellbeing. Here lies the route and the stepping stones to be crossed with the help of her unique system to find the unhealthy parts of the business and restore them, enabling your employees to become healthier and more productive and your company healthier and more profitable. Doreen explains the route and the process to be taken with clarity and conviction based on her wide experience.

I commend her book as authoritative and engaging with many enriching stories from her work and the results she has achieved. We have known each other since my days at M&S. She is remarkable in her commitment to bringing innovative ideas and concepts to optimising employee health and business profitability in an increasingly challenging world of work with the belief ‘we’re all in this together’.

Lord Rose
Current Chairman of Asda Stores Limited
and formerly Chairman of Ocado Group plc
and Marks and Spencer plc


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