Meet Dr Doreen Miller, founder of Miller Health

Miller Health comes from the inspiration of Dr Doreen Miller, Consultant Occupational Physician.

Doreen’s career has spanned more than four decades as Occupational Health Physician, including Chief Medical Officer of Marks & Spencer.

Since then, she has consulted with businesses of all sizes and across a multitude of industries and Doreen is widely recognised as a leading authority on occupational health management and practice.

Doreen created Miller Health in 2017 to help organisations take a strategic and comprehensive approach to health and health related business risk in the workplace.

Doreen believes organisations have much more to learn about ill health and provides guidance and expert advice on how best to tackle this complex issue through Miller Health.

Miller Health are committed to reducing ill health in the workplace resulting in optimised employee productivity.

Miller Health tackles the root cause of the problem through consulting and advising senior management, advising and implementing best practice and recommending appropriate health incentives.

Dr Doreen Miller

Doreen adds

“Latest research undertaken by the Financial Times in 2019 states that the annual cost to the UK economy due to sick staff (through absenteeism and also presenteeism) is a massive £81bn every single year.

There is clearly a pressing need for businesses to take proactive measures to identify root causes and combat ill health at work, thereby creating engaged and valued staff.

Years of experience in this sector led to me creating a unique R-O-P-E System™ which helps identify the parts of the business that are unhealthy and supports organisations to get their employees back to work and performing at their best.

As employers today, we have a responsibility to look after the physical and mental wellbeing of our employees, and we believe that a more pro-active approach can reap benefits for all involved in the organisation, and lead to a happier, more productive workforce.

If you are an organisation looking to enhance your employees health at work, or have a particular issue you need strategy or advice on, I would urge you to call me. Miller Health can help.”


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