The Healthy Business Bridge update

The Healthy Business Bridge – How Employee Health creates Business Wealth – by Dr.Doreen Miller is being updated following COVID-19 and will now be released later in 2020.

This informative book touches on all aspects of her career and the work undertaken for hundreds of client companies and organisations in the UK and abroad.

The Healthy Business Bridge is aimed at chief executives, human resources management and line managers who all have a pivotal role in minimising the costs associated with sick or underperforming employees in any business. 

The book highlights the creation of the unique R-O-P-E System™ which is used by Miller Health, and is the central theme throughout the book.

The book shares how to find and remedy the unhealthy parts of the business, enabling it to become a healthier and more profitable workplace.

Businesses are like bridges with four pillars.  If any one of the pillars is damaged, the health of the business is affected.  Each pillar represents a core aspect of the business: together, they form the R-O-P-E System™.  It provides a searching process to discover the root cause of health symptoms within the business.

Readers of The Healthy Business Bridge can identify where they are today with regards to employee health and, from there, determine how they can best use the R-O-P-E System™ to help them reach their business workplace health goals. The book aims to assist the reader to help get their employees back to health so that they can return back to work quickly and performing at their best.

Lord Rose has written the foreword to the book:

“Doreen Miller’s book addresses a key question that all of us in business raise but find difficulty answering whatever field we’re in: what’s the root cause? It’s rather like seeking the holy grail; ever elusive, ever enticing. It’s certainly familiar from my own wide experience of the retail industry.  But Doreen’s search for a way for employers to find the root cause of the ill-health symptoms of people at work is increasingly important as sickness absence due to mental ill-health and also health related poor performance continue to rise. Her solution is intriguing and lies in a series of stepping stones that form her new R-O-P-E System™ which, as she describes with supporting stories, has enabled her to reach the root cause in many difficult and challenging cases with substantial savings to the businesses.

The concept of crossing The Healthy Business Bridge lies at the heart of her message, reflecting the need before you start to know where you are with employee ill-health and related poor performance at work, and also how healthy your business is. The business bridge has four brick pillars which represent the key risk factors that can impact on employee health and wellbeing. Here lies the route and the stepping stones to be crossed with the help of her unique system to find the unhealthy parts of the business and restore them, enabling your employees to become healthier and more productive and your company healthier and more profitable.  Doreen explains the route and the process to be taken with clarity and conviction based on her wide experience.

I commend her book as authoritative and engaging with many enrichening stories from her work and the results she has achieved.  We have known each other since my days at M&S.  She is remarkable in her commitment to bringing innovative ideas and concepts to optimising employee health and business profitability in an increasingly challenging world of work with the belief “we’re all in this together”.

Lord Rose

Chairman of Ocado Group plc and former chairman of Marks and Spencer plc

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